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Gaming Wall Stickers PC PS4 Xbox games room Video Game Cool Gamer Wall Decal Art Decor

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Gamer wall stickers wall decals peel and stick removable wall stickers for kids nursery, bedroom, living room and gaming rooms. Game console wall stickers for ps4 gamers, ps4 walls tickers, xbox wall stickers. Gamer wall art for those into fortnite wall stickers.

Playstation, Xbox & PC gamer Kids gaming Wall Stickers Wall Decals Peel and Stick Removable Wall Stickers for Kids Bedroom, gamer room and Living Room.

Gamer Wall Stickers

Gaming themed wall sticker. The colours and friendly design makes for a perfect decorative piece for any child's bedroom wall.

Size 70cm(w) x 30cm(h)

Material: Vinyl sticker
Make sure the wall is dry, free from dust, dirt and grease before applying the wall stickers. If you have recently painted the wall, we recommend that you wait at least four weeks before attempting to apply the wall stickers. Recognise Print designs are suitable for most flat surfaces so please avoid uneven or rough areas. Recognise Print stickers have been created specifically to be applied to walls and can even go on any flat surface such as a ceiling, door, mirror, window, cupboards, furniture, metal, or even to decorate bathroom tiles.