Crystal Clear Recyclable A4 Greetings Card Bag A4 215mm x 305mm + 25mm flap to fit A4 Self Seal Lip

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Crystal Clear A4 Greetings Card Bags/Envelopes 215 x 305 + 25mm flap to fit A4 30 microns Resealable Made in the UK Please note that measurements can vary slightly by several mm due to manufacturing tolerances.

-Beautiful quality, crisp, glossy greeting card bags (with flaps and sealing strips) in 30 micron glass-clear polypropylene
-Designed specially for greetings cards and similar applications
-This bag is suitable for A4 sized greeting cards, photos, artwork and other products but is only just over A4 size
-Made from food safe film
-Food Safe
-Made in the UK
-Crystal Clear
-Fully Recyclable